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J Thomas Knight, CFP®, CPA

“Chasing your dream is exciting. Living your dream is true happiness. Helping generation after generation live, enjoy, and transfer their dreams is an honor.”
– J Thomas Knight

J Thomas Knight strives to be a positive and profound difference in people’s lives. Although a Wealth Advisor, he sees success not just as having money and power; it’s more about family, security, benevolence, having choices, pursuing/providing opportunities, championing causes, celebrating victories, loving life, leaving a legacy, etc. J works with those who value making memories as much as they do making money. He builds his practice with integrity and honesty, always working to develop and maintain deep, meaningful, and long lasting relationships with clients and their families.

Listening and understanding are essential to a relationship and over the years J has heard two resounding and recurring priorities – investment growth and asset protection. While investment growth is imperative and protecting assets from major financial damage is vital, J understands that achieving both is mandatory. The key to any financial, investment, or estate plan is to first protect and then grow wealth. Regrettably, and to the peril of many an investor, chasing market returns so largely dominates the headlines that safeguarding assets is now a mere footnote. When bear markets roar, the popular advice is to hold and wait for markets to improve. Knowing that markets can remain “irrational” far longer than one can remain solvent, J employs his investment management process: DEFEND & Deploy®. This process monitors the markets and when they indicate a bearish storm is imminent, seeks shelter to “Defend” your assets, even exiting the markets if necessary. Conversely, if the markets indicate clear skies with a bullish breeze, it strategically “Deploys” your capital to capture and profit from the prevailing market winds. DEFEND & Deploy® is an adaptive and systematic process designed to minimize losses as markets decline so when they turn positive, you don’t have to keep up with the market to beat the market. Ideally, J’s clients enjoy better than market returns with less risk. Furthermore, J’s proactive investment methodology aligns with your natural instinct to buy low and sell high.

Earning and maintaining the CFP®  and CPA designations along with having over 20 years of experience, demonstrates that J is dedicated to learning, is established in the financial industry, and totally devoted to his clients’ success. These credentials, the DEFEND & Deploy® process, and his ethical principles all underscore commitment to fiduciary responsibility and emphasize credibility as a Wealth Advisor.

J loves his wife, Elisa, and his son, Winston; they are central to his success. Together they call Falls Church, VA home. When not at work or with his family and friends, he stays fit, fancies himself as a skier, is actively learning to ballroom dance, and continues Living The Dream.
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