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J Thomas Knight, CFP®, CPA

“Chasing your dream is exciting. Living your dream is true happiness. Helping generation after generation live, enjoy, and transfer their dreams is an honor.”
– J Thomas Knight

J Thomas Knight (“JT”) strives to be a positive and profound difference in people’s lives. Although a Wealth Advisor, JT’s clients see success as more than having money and power; their focus is more about family, security, benevolence, having choices, championing causes, pursuing/providing opportunities, celebrating victories, loving life, leaving a legacy, etc. They value making memories as much as they do making money. Naturally, his clients expect JT to operate with integrity and honesty while developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with them and their families.

Typically, JT works with clients that were previously:

  • Anxious over not having a clear financial future
  • Discouraged by not having meaningful conversations with an Advisor
  • Fearful they don’t have enough money to retire at their current lifestyle

Once on board, they found JT’s combination of high-touch and high-tech very comforting. While sophisticated technology was employed to support investment management, personal financial planning, estate planning, and business equity/exit planning, they always felt heard and understood as a result of JT’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.  They also discovered JT is committed to life-long learning as evidenced by his industry designations (CFP® and CPA) and is firmly established with over 25 years of financial services experience.

Eventually, they came to know that JT adores his wife, Elisa, and loves their son, daughter-in-law, and their two grandsons who call him J-Pop. They even heard that JT stays fit, reads/listens to books, coaches little league baseball, skis when possible, takes ballroom dance lessons, and continues Living The Dream®.
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