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Financial Planning

The traditional definition of Financial Planning is, “the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.” Frankly, we think that is boring and uninspiring. We took the liberty of redefining it as “the process of implementing, achieving, and living your dreams through the utilization of Wealth Management.”

Based on this new defintion, we determined we are actually in the business of dream implementation and, accordingly, develop Living The Dream® Financial Plans with our clients.

Living The Dream® Financial Plans are our dream-centered, comprehensive, interactively-developed Financial Plan.

Your personal financial plan is developed with an interactive software program, which means your plan is not produced in the back room of some impersonal corporate home office. We input your base data and then together we work side by side to refine it until you can actually “test drive” various scenarios.

See our DREAMS page for more details.