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Insurance & Annuity Planning

Insurance (Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care) and Annuities (Fixed, Indexed, and Variable) are powerful products when utilized effectively. How you own, when you buy, what type you buy, and from whom you buy, all directly impact their effectiveness and your wealth.

Insurance and annuities are not just financial products but actual contracts between you and an insurance company. Contracts can be complicated and confusing, that’s why insurance companies have a sea of lawyers on their side to interpret, enforce, or escape these contracts.

Believe it or not, all insurance companies are not created equal and neither are their products or agents. We help you navigate the who, what, where, when, why, and how of insurance and annuity products to maximize your protection, wealth, and cash flow.

NOTE: Winston Paul Capital Management is a Fee-Based Registered Investment Advisor but does not accept commissions nor take incentives for any insurance or annuity product; however, our clients may utilize one of our investment advisor representatives as an insurance agent. For this reason we must be classified as a Fee-Based Advisor. Obviously, it is in our best interest to maintain your best interest despite the presence of commissions.