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Proactive Tax Planning

When was the last time your tax professional came to you and said, “Here’s an idea that I think will save you money!” Most likely never. Why? Because most Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are tax preparers and not tax planners. Tax Preparers are REACTIVE while Tax Planners are PROACTIVE. When do you see your CPA? Most likely during “tax season” when they are too busy putting numbers in a box to put strategies on paper for you. By not planning…you are potentially paying too much tax.

Most of us who actually pay taxes are way too busy with work, family, and friends to hold signs in protest or put up a fight about high taxes. All too many find ourselves resigned to thinking the best we can do is vote. However, if you feel as we do, that our governments are overtaxing, overspending, overreaching, and oversized, then take a stand and fight back by lowering your taxes through advanced tax reduction strategies and planning.

Winston Paul Capital Management does NOT prepare taxes; instead, we plan and implement strategies to lower your tax bill. All plans and strategies are legal and written in plain English so anyone can understand them. If you want the detail citing IRS Revenue Codes and corresponding legalese, it is referenced as well. Whether you are fighting back or fighting for what is yours, we understand, agree, and are here for you. It is your money, you earned it, let’s not give the government any more than the legal minimum.