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Investment Management

DEFEND & Deploy®

Buy LOW and Sell HIGH. Simple enough, so why is investment success so elusive?

Emotion and lack of research cause investors to underperform rather than outperform.

  • Emotions – fear and greed. “If I buy, it’ll go down.” OR “It has done so well, I can’t get out now.”
  • Research – magazines, web, and the water-cooler are where too many investors do their research.

Time and time again we have seen emotions and this type of information prove to be counterproductive.

DEFEND & Deploy® is our disciplined approach to investment management and is utilized to:

  1. Defend capital when markets start dropping (Sell HIGH)
  2. Deploy capital strategically, based on your risk tolerance, when markets begin rising (Buy LOW)

What makes DEFEND & Deploy® different?

  • Our investment decisions are unemotional and based on technical and fundamental analysis.
  • We have an exit strategy for both rising and falling markets.
  • By defending against market downturns, you have more money to deploy when the market rises.
  • Will we be perfect? No, but we put the odds of greater success in your favor.



Did you know that mutual funds and ETFs are required by their charter or fund objective (found in their prospectus) to maintain a certain amount in the market…usually 80%. As a result, a majority of mutual fund and ETF managers have limited control over their market exposure; therefore, despite all their information, knowledge, and education these brilliant and well staffed money managers are not permitted to exit the market even if they wanted to do so. That’s why, when the S&P 500 index dropped over 50% from October 2007 through March 2009, most investors were left asking, “Why didn’t we get out of the market?” Rather than being locked in to the market as it falls, our DEFEND & Deploy® strategy has the flexibility and the charter to exit the market. In other words, it is designed to help protect against the next bear market.


DEFEND & Deploy® employs a dynamic risk management process to increase or reduce risk exposure in an investment portfolio. Unlike static buy-and-hold models, most mutual funds, and ETFs, the DEFEND & Deploy® process dynamically changes an investor’s risk exposure by adjusting their portfolio’s exposure to equity investments. In periods of rising markets, equity exposure is increased. Conversely, in periods of declining markets, equity exposure is decreased.

When equity exposure is reduced, cash or a cash alternative is increased. Unlike most buy-and-hold models, cash is used in lieu of other fixed income alternatives that are subject to market risk. This dynamic process reduces the investor’s overall downside volatility.


Do you want an investment management strategy designed or correlated to fall in lock-step with a falling market, or do you want a strategy designed to give you at least a chance to exit the market and defend your gains and assets?

Dynamic asset allocation and strategic diversification distinguishes the DEFEND & Deploy® strategy and gives you what every investor naturally wants – the ability to protect and grow assets.

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