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DEFEND & Deploy

DEFEND & Deploy® is our disciplined approach to investment management; best explained with an analogy:

Being aware of and adapting to our environment is a fundamental human instinct.
For example: When it rains, we grab an umbrella; when it snows we bundle up.

When the weather changes, so does our behavior and response to it. Seasonal change is very much like financial Bulls & Bears, or Secular Cycles & Cyclical Trends. All too often, advisers recommend a buy-and-hold strategy to weather it all. This is about as good as recommending you wear shorts and a t-shirt all year long. And when the temperature drops, you are told, “Don’t worry, just hang on through the dead of winter, the warmth of summer will be here soon enough.” In essence, you are left to wait and hope the market warms up. Adapting to change is natural and necessary because it is essential to our survival.

We observe and research the financial markets to DEFEND & Deploy® our portfolios. If it’s a bull market, we smile and enjoy its soothing breeze. If it’s a bear market, we seek shelter from the sting of its bitter winds.

Whether basking in the warmth of a bull market or taking refuge from the chill of a bear market, our investment philosophy is aligned with your natural instincts and permits us to adapt to change.

We believe having this type of investment flexibility simply makes good sense and puts the odds of investment success in your favor.

See our INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT page for more details.